Everything you Need to Know About the Messaging App


Interested in an alternative to WhatsApp, or did you recently install Telegram? In this article, we provide a detailed explanation of the Telegram. We will cover everything from comparisons to tutorials in our Telegram guide, so please take some time to learn this powerful messaging app.

What is Telegram? What is the end-to-end encryption on Telegram? Comparing Telegram with WhatsApp and Signal, how does it compare? Telegram bots: how do they work? Our ultimate Telegram guide has all the answers.

As a central hub, We will bring together all Telegram-related content and redirect you to our articles based on your selections. Our editors will continue to add articles about Telegram to this guide as they are released.

Everything you Need to Know About the Messaging App

Telegram: What is it?

Telegram is a free messaging app launched in 2013 by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, who previously founded VKontakte. The best way to describe VKontakte is as the Russian version of Facebook. Telegram’s parent company is headquartered in Dubai at present.

According to Telegram, there are 500 million active users each month. Backlinko reports that 25 million new Telegram users are joining the app annually. Around 8.33 million new users sign up every day. And over 100 million unique users join Telegram every month.

From the beginning, Telegram played the role of being one of the best instant messaging options. Founded by activists who opposed the “Russian establishment,” the app had a rebellious, anti-system spirit that got its founders into trouble with the authorities.

As there is such a wide range of Internet users, Telegram is now catering more to the average Internet user than industry professionals. Although Telegram keeps an eye on security and privacy, it is also a more mainstream instant messaging app than Signal, offering itself a credible alternative to the giant we all know: WhatsApp.

Telegram: How does it work?

As an instant messaging app, Telegram functions similarly; messages can be sent, group conversations can be created, voice and video calls can be made, and files can be sent, and stickers can be applied like WhatsApp.

However, it is not just another instant messaging app, as Telegram has one major differentiator: It has a comprehensive privacy policy and other features that are specific to the app, such as chat options, personalization, and data encryption.

Last but not least, unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is not owned by a big tech company or by any of the GAFAM. Although Pavel Durov announced at the end of 2020 that Telegram would be monetized through ads and in-app purchases, the company is not going to be an ad-supported app.

Is Telegram secure?

Telecommunications apps such as Telegram always encrypt messages. All messages are encrypted end-to-end or client-to-client in secret chats, while everyday conversations are encrypted client-server/client-to-server and stored encrypted in the Telegram cloud.

How does this translate into practice? As an example, everything in WhatsApp and Signal is encrypted end-to-end. Hence, only you and the person you’re chatting with can see each other’s conversations. Telegram includes encrypted chats between clients and servers and the servers themselves, but discussions are technically accessible from the cloud.

How and where do I download and install Telegram?

With Telegram, you can use a smartphone, a tablet, or even a computer. In addition to the iOS and Android apps available for iOS (9.0 and higher), Telegram Desktop (which runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux) is known as a universal desktop app. Your messages are also accessible through Telegram Web.

Here are all the links to download the latest version of Telegram:

Android via the Google Play Store

Android via APK (version 7.8.0)


Windows, macOS, and Linux

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How do I use Telegram? Tips and tricks

As well as offering plenty of customization options, Telegram provides some features that its two competitors lack. You can find tips and tricks on Telegram’s Telegram Tips channel.

If you are already an adept Telegram user and navigating the application, our website has a complete user guide to help you get started. The tips and tricks in this article are compiled along with the most hidden features in Telegram.


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