6 Advantages Of Windows 10 Over Older Operating Systems


In 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10. In the years that followed, it became the world’s most popular operating system. Due to the many advantages it offers over competing operating systems, and the OS enjoys this popularity. We will discuss the six benefits of this operating system in this article. To learn more, read on.

1. The Addition of the Start Menu

Microsoft added the much-loved Start Menu to Windows 10 once again. The removal of this feature from Windows 8 caused problems for many users. You can quickly access all of your favorite programs using the Start Menu provided by the new OS.

This is a relatively simple addition to the new OS, but it is instrumental.

6 Advantages Of Windows 10 Over Older Operating Systems

2. System Updates

System updates are essentially what determines how long a computer can be used. For example, you can no longer obtain updates from Microsoft’s official website for Windows XP and Vista. As far as mainstream support is concerned, Win 7 and 8 offer the same benefits.

According to the latest operating system release, mainstream streams are available until 2025. Because of this, you can download security updates and other files for a long time.

3. Great Virus Protection

The virus protection in Windows 10 is excellent. Hackers have a much more difficult time infecting the OS with malicious programs due to the improved security. By using Windows Hello, you can unlock your computer with your fingerprint. As an added feature, you can open the PC with your face recognition and IRIS scanner.

A computer that is infected with unwanted software will also encrypt its files. As a result, the system uses BitLocker. In addition to this, the Windows Defender Antivirus program is available.

4. DirectX 12

Today’s gamers will be happy to hear about DirectX12. It is possible to play a game in this way while the computer performs complex calculations. You can also benefit significantly from this feature if you have a graphics card. By doing so, you can ensure that your computer works well with computer games. Windows XP and earlier versions don’t support DirectX 12.

5. Better for Hybrid Devices

With Windows 10, you may get more out of your hybrid device, such as a Microsoft Surface tablet. The touch screen is activated in this operating system as soon as you touch it. Consequently, changing modes should not cause you any problems.

6. Updated Control Center

Updated Control Center is part of Windows 10. Furthermore, this system makes it simple to switch apps on and off. Thus, you can choose which programs your computer launches automatically when it turns on.

These functionalities are pretty essential to system administrators at large corporations. It is also possible for you to remove specific applications as needed.

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Here are a few advantages Windows 10 has over other operating systems. We hope you’re now able to enjoy all these benefits by upgrading to an updated operating system.


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