5 Ways to Extend Your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life


There are several devices whose screen-on time is remarkably long, and some don’t last very long. There are various ways you can make your Android last longer behind the scenes, but it will take some time and effort if the screen is big and luscious and you have a lot of apps running. Check out these tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life.

How Android batteries work

The batteries in most smartphones are either lithium-ion batteries or lithium-polymer batteries. In actuality, both batteries are lithium-ion, and as such, don’t have ‘memory.’ That means that it’s possible to charge them from any level – not full charge but not complete discharge.

5 Ways to Extend Your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

Due to their low voltage problems, these batteries perform much better when partially charged (no more than 20 percent to 90 percent) instead of fully charged and fully discharged. Although battery maintenance is always in dispute, someone else will say that it does not matter for every tip that is accepted. It’s only a matter of finding which ones work for you and then increasing your Android device’s battery life.

Many devices do not come with removable batteries today, to our dismay. Shortly, this is unlikely to change. It should be optimized for demanding new games, especially since most are close to 5,000 mAh. Make the most of your smartphone by using some of the tips below.

1. Black wallpaper can increase battery

For phones with AMOLED screens (such as those from Samsung), use a dark background. Due to the way AMOLED screens light up pixels, black wallpaper can reduce battery drain. The fewer black pixels you have on your screen, or the darker the pixels, the less energy you’ll need to illuminate them.

To download an utterly black wallpaper.

• Now, save the picture and go into your phone Wallpaper Settings.

• From there, Choose wallpaper and scroll down to Gallery.

• You should be able to find the black wallpaper you just saved.

• Hit set to wallpaper and lock screen.

2. Doze Mode

Android Marshmallow introduced doze mode, which has been continued with newer OS versions. The Doze function was previously restricted to smartphones that were stationary for an extended period. But now, although it can work when it is being moved (in your bag or pocket, for example), it can also work when it is stationary. The screen needs to be off to work. If you haven’t touched your phone in a while, the Doze mode shuts down what you are not using. An interruption in the network causes syncing to take place only on specific dates and times. In addition, GPS, Wi-Fi scanning, and all syncing stop when you are away from your phone even longer.

3. Turn off Google Assistant

Don’t let your phone listen all the time. There are many useful features in Google Assistant. You may experience a lot of battery problems because of it. Mainly if it’s not used or if you only use it occasionally.

You can find Google Assistant settings under Google>Search from your Settings menu. You can extend the longevity of your battery by selecting your device on the next page and turning off Google Assistant.

4. Don’t let your apps fall behind the times

Make sure your apps are updated. The main reason developers update apps constantly is to optimize battery life and memory usage. Additionally, staying up-to-date ensures you’re maximizing your app’s performance. Deleting old apps cannot only save battery life but also free up your RAM.

Check that each of your apps is battery-friendly after you make sure they’re updated. You can find the Battery option in your Settings. On the top right of your screen, click the menu button (three dots) and go to “Battery optimization.” You can then change the apps that have been optimized.

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5. Use Greenify

The Greenify app improves performance and battery life, unlike many Android apps that claim to do so. You can put non-used apps into hibernation with Greenify so they don’t run in the background.

Battery performance improves, but there is some thought required to accomplish this. In Greenify, not Greenify can hibernate every app at once. Also, since many Android applications perform actions you are unaware of or are not interested in, this tool is invaluable.


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