Edinburgh Festival: The Love Project (3 stars)

What do you look for in a partner? If you haven’t already got one, this four-hander verbatim piece, based on interviews with the young, old, married, dating or still looking, might give you some ideas.

As numerous names appear on screen, you may worry that it is going to be difficult to keep track of who’s who. However, the cast – Michael Cusick, Rachel Dale, Toby Manley and Natasha Pring – are such a talented bunch that they are able to differentiate between each of the 16 characters in a way that is engaging, funny and truthful. What emerges is an antidote to Hollywood romances – which are often presented as reality when it is odd, understated and touching little stories like these that most of us have more in common with.

From reflexologist Myles’s dry retelling of “big jumping” across rooftops when a woman’s boyfriend arrives home, to a couple who have been married 56 years, having met when he was a visiting door-to-door salesman, it’s small-scale but insightful stuff.

Produced by new company Every Day and Fringe First-winning Look Left Look Right, it might not change the way you look at relationships but it will remind you of what is good about them.

Written for The Scotsman


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