Edinburgh Festival: Where the White Stops (3 stars)

There is plenty of atmosphere in Antler Theatre’s unusual fable following a girl called Crab, as she journeys across a wintery landscape to escape “the white” and find out what lies beyond.

In what at times feels like a piece for children, she meets new friends, conquers foes and avoids the clutches of a mystical beast stalking her through the wild and treacherous terrain.

The way the story is told is more interesting than the story itself.

Haunting polyphonic singing paired with recurring movement beautifully captures the group battling through the biting wind, and the blizzard is thrilling.

Physical comedy adds an offbeat and cartoon-like tone. But the narrative and its characters and dialogue are less developed, making for an adventure that can feel more like a potter through the show. Crab is a great name but we don’t really get to know the girl it belongs to.

Written for The Scotsman


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