Edinburgh Festival: Faileontology (3 stars)

Surrounded by a circle of hazard tape, these objects make up “the machine”, we are told. This machine – possibly the most unmachine-like thing in history – can potentially offer one of them a means of escape, to “upstairs” and beyond. Who is going to go is something they’re prepared to fight over.

Tom Butterworth and Thomas Wileman are warm and engaging performers, who use mime, clowning, dance, wordplay and physical theatre to bring out a touching relationship in a world where time, space, the universe and everything in between is open to questioning.

This piece has its own logic and while it can feel fresh and unusual, it can also be frustratingly oblique. We’re never quite sure what the wider context is or why things are happening.

However, as a step outside of humdrum reality, it’s a refreshing burst of something beyond the norm.

Written for The Scotsman


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