Edinburgh Festival: Boredom (3 stars)

“I’m going to gnaw me arm off” and “kill me now” are two of the things Holly Darton and Jenny Hunt say when they’re bored. In this esoteric piece of theatre, they boldly attempt to recreate this feeling on stage, in their weirdly wonderful little café. Sometimes they manage it, sometimes they don’t.

Still, half past ten at night is probably not a good time for
a play about boredom. A
slide-show of road markings and a talk on a model pig collection aren’t obvious things to keep you awake – but that’s the point. Hunt and Darton tread a deliberately fine line between making us feel genuinely bored and presenting the weird and incongruous activities people do to avoid this feeling that are actually pretty interesting.

“Car choreography” performed to Shania Twain is a highlight, as is some audience participation and a magical finale containing no magic.

Actually, it’s quite hard to get bored, the duo discover, their deadpan expressions unflinching throughout. We also learn that there are more kinds of leopard print than you might think. God, how boring does that sound?

However, as the show concludes, if you don’t get bored, you won’t know what’s exciting anymore, and that would be a shame.

Written for The Scotsman 


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