Theatre: Truth’s Vision

Some performers meet at drama school, but double act Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper have been friends since they were three and benefit from the easy, amiable chemistry that comes from 25 years of working together. Their first collaboration was over a dressing up box, so it’s no coincidence that this musical production is based around innovative uses of props and clothing.

Donning a yellow dress, the two performers take it in turns to play stationery company worker Grace, who is trying to find love and a life less ordinary. With similarly broad brush strokes they also play dopey office workers, an angry boss and noir-inspired love interest, Ted. Intermittently, they morph into Brechtian narrators Truth and Vision in what appears to be an attempt to demonstrate the cynical and optimistic sides of Grace’s psyche. “What is the purpose of life?” asks the programme. I’m not sure the Bridewell’s 45-minute lunchtime slot is long enough to answer this.

Song and dance numbers, to reworked versions of classics such as My Way, are a lively juxtaposition but it’s difficult for the duo to create real razzmatazz with pre-recorded music and sparse production values. In the end, Grace is never more than everywoman in a yellow dress and Ted is just a hat stand. It’s a little show with big ideas – so many that the characters often feel like they are drowning in them.

Bridewell Theatre, London. Until 12 April

Written for The Stage


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