10 Ways to Personalize Your iPhone Mobile Phone Experience


We all want things our way, whether we admit it or not. Our socks are stored in the closet to cook eggs; we should organize everything in our lives to make things easier. 

Many purple things characterized my life- and when I say a lot, I really mean nearly all of my belongings were purple- but it made it easier to identify my possessions, and it was also convenient at school. You know people are obsessed with convenience; otherwise, we wouldn’t put so much effort into advancing our science and physics. 

There is no doubt that many customization apps have already been developed in our current technological era and have been made available to us. Including commands embedded in our phones to help us organize and personalize our phone experience.

10 Ways to Personalize Your iPhone Mobile Phone Experience

When you cannot access all of the capabilities of an iPhone, it could either be a classy-looking gadget or a downright boring phone to own. Our goal is to optimize our mobile experience while expressing our artistic side to create the best phone.

Here are some tips for personalizing your iPhone and giving it the make-over it deserves:


You can choose either a dark or a light theme for your iPhone. You can do this by going to your display and brightness settings and adjusting them to the pieces you want. 

Optionally, you can select the automatic option, which changes your theme automatically according to the time. Also, you can choose at what time you’d like the lights to go off or whether you want them to turn off at sunset. 

There are always third-party apps that let you change themes and pick designs from different designs if you feel this is too basic or lacks good options. Purchasing some pieces may require you to pay additional fees.


As we see them as the background image of our home screen, wallpapers are what we see on our phones. The phone looks more attractive because of this. 

It is possible to customize your wallpaper with favorite travel pictures, selfies, groupies, k-pop images, or simply a plain colored image. 

If you choose your wallpaper carefully, it should not overpower your fonts and apps; otherwise, you won’t be able to read and identify them. 

It is possible to avoid this by adjusting photo blurriness and brightness beforehand. Alternatively, you could zoom in from a different perspective on the image you selected.

Tap More options, then tap use as wallpaper, after which you can add/change your wallpaper.

The wallpaper you choose for your lock screen can be used as its lock screen wallpaper. If you have a third-party app, you can customize your lock screen depending on your chosen theme.

Alternatively, you can set up a lock pattern or use a face ID for customizing your lock screen. In this way, you will also keep your phone private and secure.


Most people download apps for games, photography, editing, and social networking. Our home screen becomes cluttered with different things in various locations, making it difficult to find one app (unless you use the search bar, then touché). 

Your apps can be arranged or grouped according to your preferences. Having all the apps in one place saves time looking for them separately. Press and hold the home screen for a few seconds until the apps can be dragged. Creating a folder is as easy as combining them.

Also, if you prefer a cleaner and uniform look, you can redesign your icons. To add an action to your shortcuts, tap the + button on the upper right. Choose the action you want by typing into the search field of the open app add window. 

Once the shortcut has been created, you can customize several characteristics such as color, graphics, and images to show it. Creating a color-coded home screen is as simple as grouping commands by color.


My personal preference is to change font styles frequently. Maintaining a fresh design is essential to keep it engaging. Find your text size and boldness options under display and brightness in your settings. 

You can download the app FONTS on the iTunes app store to find more fun fonts that can be used on social media. Captions and comments can be displayed in a variety of fonts.


It is one of the most incredible updates the iPhone had this year. A widget on your home screen is the icing on the cake. 

This update can add slideshows of your favorite pictures, clocks in different time zones can be displayed, personal reminders can be placed where they can be easily seen, and many other features are available. 

The widgets are available in three different sizes when you long-press the home screen and click the + button. Additionally, you can add home screen widgets to other apps on the store. 

You can find daily motivational quotes about life on motivation and view them as widgets in 3 different sizes.


You can tell Siri what you want to be called by using your nickname. As if you knew you had a personal secretary, this is fun. Go to settings and look for accessibility if you don’t have Siri yet. To set up your own Siri, click here.


Turning on voice control is another fun way to use voice recognition. This feature lets you speak a command to your phone, which will then play the knowledge. 

In other words, you can talk about what you want to be done to get it done, whenever you are driving or when you have multiple tasks going on in your hands. 

However, I am still testing to what extent my phone can support my voice commands, so that’s fun too. Turn on voice control by going to settings, accessibility, and selecting voice control. Use your phone’s commands to browse through its commands.


You can program your phone to run a specific command by double-tapping or tripling-tapping the apple logo at the back of your phone. The update adds another valuable and convenient power to the simple ones that could already be given to our phones. 

Accessibility can be changed by clicking touch. Choosing backup as a gesture allows you to execute whatever command you want. Other accessibility commands may also be helpful to customize your setup.


Automating certain events concerning your phone is one newly discovered customization. You can add automation to your shortcuts by clicking + at the bottom. 

The phone would give out different sounds, or you could speak instead. You can choose what the sound would be. The system will say whatever you specify when it can realize the event that you select, or you can import or record media as well.


The most helpful tool on your phone can be the ringtones and sounds. This app lets you know what just came in on your social media, texts messages, wakes you up on your alarm and rings your phone when a call comes in. You will be able to recognize the ringtone when the notifications come in if you designate specific ringtones. Various ringtones and sounds are available for your cellphone. 

The sound settings can be adjusted to your tastes, such as the type, volume, and even vibration. However, if you prefer more customized and fun ringtones, you can import and download free ringtones for iPhone at Set As Ringtones website, where you have the choice between the best and the newest. Adding fun and exciting ringtones to your personal experience is easy with Ringtones.com.

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It isn’t easy to follow these steps. To create a convenient mobile setup, you have to design, decide, and designate stuff to a specific command. Still, the results are worth it and will last. 

Therefore, let’s get our imaginations going and progress to an improved mobile experience. You can get free ringtones for your iPhone by visiting Set As Ringtones. Do not just look at the best ringtones; also, pay attention to the trendiest ones.


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