How to Unblock Websites


You have probably tried to visit your favorite websites using your office computer, haven’t you? You must have noticed that some popular sites (YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc.) couldn’t be accessed. If you are a student or a schoolteacher, you may be facing the same problem with the school computers. You must be wondering if it’s possible to unblock your favorite sites.

Special software is loaded onto the PC, and it works with web browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) to block some websites. Sometimes, a firewall can be used for website blocking (usually the case with large systems). It is not very hard to secure sites. Unblocking them can be a bit difficult.

How To Unblock Website

How to Unblock Websites

Anonymizers (Proxy Servers)

These servers use anonymous IP addresses that allow computer users to access websites blocked by a firewall. Here are several simple steps you can follow to learn how to unblock websites using proxies.

Visit TopBits’ anonymous proxies list to find a list of proxy servers. Change the Internet setting of your web browser and add the proxy. Type the URL of the web page to be unblocked in the address bar and press Enter.

Web Proxy Sites

Web proxies can be easier to use and more reliable than proxy servers.Visit TopBits to find the list of thousands of free web proxies you can use to unblock web sites.

Using Google Tools

Visit the Google home page and start searching the site you want to unblock. Google will show you the indexed choices, and you will use Google’s cache copy to retrieve the web page that has been blocked.

Using IP Addresses

Instead of using the site’s URL, you can type in the site’s IP address. Although we see the URL as words, the web translates it into numerals (IP addresses). Sometimes, the browser won’t block an IP address. This method does not always work. If your browser (or software used for website blocking) can map the address, you won’t be able to unblock the website.

Using URL Redirects

You can use URL redirect services to create another (new) URL for the site you are trying to unblock. When you create a redirect, use the new URL, and the service will direct you to the website. Some of the redirection services you can use include and

Use Another Web Browser

If the browser won’t let you visit a specific site, you can either change the browser settings or chance the browser. To change the settings, find the security tab and change the settings. If that does not work, you can download a different browser and use it to access the website. If you are using Explorer, download Mozilla Firefox and use it to access the blocked website.

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Google Mobile Search

Here is how to do it: Google will translate a standard HTML page into a mobile page. During this process, some part of the page will be removed. The size of the page will be reduced. The block software won’t be able to recognize the page (since it has been altered), and it won’t block it.


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