How To Connect Firestick to TV – Complete Setup Guideline


Television watching habits are rapidly changing due to video streaming services. Several standalone apps offer these services, including Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, among others. A new addition to this collection is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is already gaining substantial attention. The device includes several Amazon-exclusive services, including Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and Netflix. Additionally, Alexa is supported by the Fire Stick remote as well.

You should read this guide if you have already bought the stick or are thinking of buying it shortly. It’s our goal to ensure that you can quickly and easily connect the Amazon Firestick TV Stick to your television. Below are directions to help you get started watching your first stream on Firestick TV.

Amazon Fire Stick Setup Instructions

How To Connect Firestick to TV – Complete Setup Guideline

Section 1: Getting Started

  • You can check out your Amazon Fire TV Stick by clicking the button below. You will find two ports on the back – micro-USB and HDMI. It would help if you connected a USB cable to your Fire Stick’s micro-USB port. You may also want to power up the adapter.
  • You will need a power outlet to connect your power adapter. Instead of using the powered USB ports, you should make use of the Power Adapter.
  • Any HDMI port on the television can be used with the Fire Stick. Whenever you are using an HDMI Port, keep a note of the number. A TV must be set to the appropriate HDMI input channel to receive the signal.
  • Select the appropriate HDMI input channel after turning on your television. When the Fire TV Stick starts, a startup screen appears with the Fire TV Stick logo. The first time you access the site, it may take a while to load.
  • Now that your Fire Stick remote has been configured, you are ready to watch. The battery package should include two AAA batteries.

Linking the remote to the Fire Stick should now happen automatically. The “Home” button must be pressed and held for ten seconds if your remote does not automatically connect. After this is done, you will be taken to the Discovery Mode of your Fire Stick, and the pairing process will be complete. Setup can be started by clicking Play/Pause. Once the remote and FireStick have been paired.

  • The language selection dialogue now appears in FireStick. Language can be highlighted using the remote’s navigation keys. The Select/OK button on the remote will allow you to set it up.

Section 2: Connecting the Firestick to the WiFi

FireStick can find wiFi networks by scanning the area with the FireStick. Choose your WiFi network from the list when the list appears. Connect by entering your SSID and password.

Section 3: Linking the Fire TV/ Stick with Amazon

  • Your Amazon account is now successfully connected to your gadget. The FireStick is already registered if you purchased it from Amazon. You will need to follow the instructions for registering if this is not the case.
  • If you have not yet registered your Firestick, the window below will appear. For those with an Amazon account, click the first option. Click I am new to Amazon if you do not already have an account. You have now successfully registered your account.
  • Your WiFi password is automatically stored after registration to make remote access easy. If you use multiple Amazon devices, select Yes. Your wireless network will be able to connect to these devices.
  • You can enable parental controls on your FireStick by selecting the Enable parental controls option. A subsequent window will request that you create a PIN. Most FireStick activities require a PIN. You can proceed if there is no need for Parental Controls. Select No Parental Controls.
  • Click Get Started to begin using FireStick. Choose the applications and streaming services that you want to install. Install them later by clicking No Thanks. You only need to do this to configure your FireStick 2nd Gen remote.

Section 4:

FireStick owners should refer to this section. There are special procedures for remote controls that control TVs. On the next screen, click Next.

  • To increase and decrease your volume, use your remote. Place the remote in the direction of the television. Televisions use IR profiles to control their controls. A line of sight must also exist between your TV and remote control. To make the TV controls function correctly, this is necessary.
  • The sound should play. Click yes if it does. You can restart the process by clicking NO if you wish.
  • Upon successfully synchronizing the remote, this message will appear.
  • You’ll get a prompt to sign up for Amazon Prime if you haven’t already done so. For a 30-day free trial, click either ‘Begin your free trial now or ‘Not now.’
  • Install the streaming apps by selecting Get Started. Install them later by clicking No Thanks.
  • When you have finished setting up, click Got It.

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Amazon FireStick is the only device that supports modern video streaming services. A phase-out of DTH is possible in the future. Amazon Fire Stick features the latest watchlists and trending content. 

You can connect pretty much any device to it. The setup is also simple. We outlined the process in the previous section.


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